Monday, November 1, 2010

Lains Prayer request

1. We are moved in to our new rental home with 2 rooms and a kitchen.
2. Though it is below freezing outside most everyday, we are toasty warm (wood-stove and radiator system with hot water heated by the stove)!!!
3. Our home is attached to a very small store plus an extra room...which will be converted into a Chapel/office and Fitness room at the end of the week when the occupants move out. How great of God to give us a house with a Chapel and Fitness room...a dream come true!!!
4. Larry's fitness project is under-way! A few guys have been working out in one of our bedrooms until the fitness room is available.
5. Krista found a potential language teacher to meet with a couple times a week. (Been without a teacher for 2 weeks)
6. Averi and Eli are really enjoying school! Averi started a new dance class! Praise Him for His Provision and His love for the little children!
7. God is meeting with us as we study His KINGDOM and are crying out for His Kingdom to Come in Mongolia as in Heaven!!!

1. Pray for renewal and restoration of our First Love...More of Him and Practicing His Presence!!!
2. Pray that we find new solid language helpers/teachers this month.
3. Pray for Larry's fitness project. That many men will be interested and drawn into community!
4. Pray for Krista as she begins teaching Kindergarten for a new student as well as continues teaching Science. Music, Art etc. in the afternoons. Also pray for her as she teaches English to a few Mongolian children.
5. Pray for us as we seek deeper relationships and understanding as we continue building our new Team.
6. Pray for Opportunities to meet and practice speaking with Kazaks in our community.
7. Pray for His Kingdom to Come and His Power to be demonstrated!

Larry J. Lain

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