Friday, August 29, 2008

Isn't she in Africa yet?

Here is an amazing testimony from Leah...

Well, no. Not yet. But, honestly, it couldn't come soon enough. I'm just getting so anxious; my mind has been in Africa for far too long now. It's been a month since I moved...only a week to go.

Only a week until training in Georgia, but it's still two weeks until I'm in Africa.

My fundraiser was incredible last weekend! God totally blew me away. My mom cooked chicken marsala for about 50 people, my brother David played classical guitar as dinner music, we had some Africa trivia, David and I taught everyone a French African song, and some other fun stuff. To raise money, the dinner was $10 per person. So I assumed I would make somewhere between $500-$600. But my money was tripled!!! I couldn't believe it. I got an email that the official count was $1838! I don't even know how that happened. People have been so incredibly generous in their giving. After the dinner and with a few other donations, I'm passed my goal! I raised more than I need, which is such a blessing! I can't believe I did it. The Lord has been so good to me.

I'm officially ready to go...nine days, only nine days...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


A sixth-grade girl was found early one morning in Nagano, Japan, hanging from an overhead screen in her classroom. She left seven separate envelopes for her classmates, mother and school authorities, each decorated with a teddy bear, balloon or other cute pictures.

“Did you guys hate me? Was I weird?” asked one letter to her classmates. “I could not trust most of you people.” The letter said classmates had ignored her for years.

Japanese newspapers and television revealed the case, and many more similar cases of suicides. The reports triggered an avalanche of more than 2,000 letters of protest to the schools.

The Ministry of Education said it has received at least 32 handwritten letters recently from students saying they're also considering suicide.

Pressure on the teachers is getting stronger and stronger. Teachers stay at schools past 8 p.m. nightly to finish administrative work and routinely are involved on Saturdays and Sundays in club activities for the children.

“Parents, teachers and children are all under great stress,” said Professor Sato of a Tokyo university.
Source: McClatchy News, by E. Doi, 2006-12-06

Why can people not look to the God of the universe for solutions for stress?

Be anxious for nothing,
but in everything by prayer and supplication,
with thanksgiving,
let your requests be made known to God;
and the peace of God,
which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus
(Philippians 4:6).

We do not need to fret and worry! Let God replace them with a peace more wonderful than any human mind can comprehend!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

theLains your Mongolian Family

Stirring Family,
Thank you for your prayers and support!
Some of you have asked me about raising support for a vehicle. We will probably raise support for a vehicle in the future along with a motorcycle and a horse, but it seems that it is field policy for language students not to have any of their own transportation in their first year. This fosters more dependence on our team and new culture.

Please pray for going out West, our Home stay, Language study, and Support.

There are three locations the field is considering to pursue in this next year. Of those three one has the highest potential of success and one has the greatest need...please pray we just don't choose the easiest without considering the needs! We are one of the families whom potentially are going to the west. We WANT to be sent to the west because we feel CALLED: It will be rural, sparse, limited electricity, no running water, living in yurts or a communal cabin with the other two (potential) families.

That we can connect and build community with these two families now.
That God will provide and produce vision within our team.
That competency in language will come in this next year that will demonstrate: self discipline and motivated learning that will aid in our 2nd year of language study in the west.
Preparing for communal living: Sharing a Home with two other families(4 American Adults, 1 single female Aussie, 2 Mongolian Adults, and a lot of kids (5+)), sharing a vehicle, chores, schooling of children, and working together in projects, CP, and in a "M" and "B" context.

Home Stay:
We have been in our Yurt (Ger/tent) for approximately two weeks and we love it. Our family is very gracious and we are having many breakthroughs in language and prayer. Please, continue to pray for them.

Language Study:
Either will start on the 21st or the 25th of August. Mongolian is a hard language! Pray that our ears and tongues are set free!
Comprehension of the vocab and grammar.

We need prayer for our monthly financial support. We have seen God provide in Miraculous ways and our hearts are filled with PRAISE.
Praise God that even though not all our pledged supporters have not been able to give God has given us above and beyond our needs thus far!

Thank you so much for being a part of our Mongolian Family!

Larry J. Lain

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Let's Support Leah Rush!!

Leah is our short term missionary to South Africa. She departs on September 8th. Leah will be serving with Adventures in Missions for 9 months.
Here's a little blurb from Leah: I will be going to Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa for a nine-month long internship with Adventures in Missions (AIM). I will be working in schools, hospitals, prisons, with kids, at care points, and most importantly building relationships with the locals. After the nine months, I have the opportunity to stay with the organization in Jeffrey's Bay, lead or be a part of another trip in a different part of Africa, perhaps work for AIM in the options are limitless. My heart has always been to work in Africa, so I am thrilled for this opportunity!!

Leah needs $9000 in financial support for the nine month trip. To date, Leah has raised 50%!!!
Please pray about giving towards Leah's ministry. You can give easily buy clicking here.

Other ways to support Leah would be through prayer and encouragement. You can find all of Leah's contact information in the post below.

Let's send Leah out well, fully supported, and cared for while she is there!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

the Stirring Missionaries

Kari Burrell
Serving with Asian Access - Japan
2002 Summer - Sakata Christ Church
2004-2007 - Yashiro Lutheran Church
Preparing for a Fall 2009 return to Japan

B-Day: September 15th
Kari's Blog

Larry, Krista, Averiana, and Eli Lain

The Baton Rough Ministry Center 2006-2008
CAMA Services - Mongolia 2008 to present
Larry: February 8th
Krista: March 24th
Averiana: December 29, 2000
Eli: March 22, 2004

Anniversary: 9/18/99

The Lain's Blog

Leah Rush
Adventures in Missions South Africa 9/08-5/09

B-Day: July 7th
Leah's Blog
Mailing Address:
Leah Rush
PO Box 921
Jeffrey's Bay South Africa 6330

Serving in East Asia
For security of these workers, please send any email correspondence to and the message will get to them. Please do not use their names or location in comments if you know them.

the Stirring Missions

the Stirring is a community of followers of Jesus Christ, committed to live by faith, to be known by love, and to be a voice of hope to our generation. We have a deep passion to follow Jesus and champion His movement. We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.

Missions is not just a part of what we do as a church. It is who we are. To be involved with missions does not require you to get on a plane and go to a foreign country. We are all called to be involved in missions in what ever we do.

The question is what are you doing to be involved with missions? Do you feel called to go (near or far) to those in the world who have yet to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ? Are you called to encourage missionaries who are on the mission field? Are you giving financially towards the missionaries sent out by our church? Do you have questions about what your part in all of this might be?

Please feel free to write a comment or email me ! I would love to pray with you!

We are the church we are all called to be involved in Missions!