Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank yous

We did and we love all the goodies!!! It was like a big party...we received it the day before Christmas...just in time with Grandma's gifts too. Thanks to great timing, we actually had some special gifts to put under the tree :) Thank you so much! We ate up most the goodies and we look forward to using the itunes cards as soon as we can get itunes uploaded...will have to take a trip to better internet source soon. I (Krista) almost used up all the candles already due to lots of stress-relieving baths (best part about being back in the apt :). We are so thankful!
- The Lains

Good news! My package arrived today! I can't believe it took two months! When it arrived it looked like it had been rifled through. I don't think anything was missing, but it was obvious that it had been resealed.

Anyway, thanks so much! It is was such a nice blessing! Especially the candles!! Oh my word I was so excited about so many wonderful smelling candles! :)
- Leah

Just wanted you to know that we received our Christmas package full of goodness on Thursday! Thank you so much and thanks to the Stirring!

- The Wills