Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Car Accident

Please pray for Larry and the kids. They got into a car accident today with our new Russian Van. From what I hear from the kids, a taxi ran a red light and T-boned Larry, which then turned the van on it's side while Averi and Eli were in the backseat. Eli is fine, Averi has a big knot on her head, and Larry says he is okay but his back is sore. Right now, Larry is at the police station sorting things out. (I haven't seen him yet). The van will be impounded for an uncertain amount of time, which may make transportation difficult back and forth to the ger we just moved into last night. (Praise the Lord for a good move! We set up the ger on Saturday and moved in on Sunday. We had a good first night (and today the sleeping bags we ordered came in so tonight should be toasty warm with a fire and cozy blankets :) Thank you so much for your prayers! We love you all!
Love Krista