Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Praise from Leah

After our time of Prayer at all gatherings last week, Leah experienced an answer to one of our prayers!!!

She wrote: I woke up Monday morning feeling GREAT! thanks so much for your prayers. -Leah

Prayer request from the Lains

Please pray for God's will.
We had been planning a trip out west leaving tomorrow, but many factors are leaving us unsure of what to do. One being that I am really sick.
Please Pray as God Leads,

1. Pray for BREAKTHROUGH in Language Study and Prayer
2. Pray for continued Identity in Christ in the midst of role deprivation
3. Pray for Boldness and Confidence to share the gospel and enter into the throne room of grace
4. Pray for renewal of our minds ( and a nice break from school) during Spring Break (April 3-12)
5. Pray for health during the changing seasons and perseverance to face many dust storms.
6. Pray for us as we move to Tosgon later this month to watch over the Fields house while they are gone on furlough until July
7. Pray for Larry's first trip to Western Mongolia with Jeremy Fields during Spring Break...(We will be moving to Western Mongolia in 2010)
Pray for relationship building with the Fields
Pray for Krista as she stays home with Averi and Eli (and spends lots of time with Krista Fields and kiddos)

Pray for connections to be made with the Kazakh people
Pray that God will give us His heart for the people
Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them, house them, and feed them :)
Pray for safe and comfortable travel (40 hrs each way of very bumpy roads...more like trails...in a very crammed bus or van!)
May His Salvation be known among all nations...May all the peoples praise Him! Psalm 67

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Short term team in New York

Two members of the Stirring have joined the Simpson University /Spring Break missions trip to New York City. We are honored to support Tessa Ratner and Megan Fitzgerald in ministry this week.
Please keep this team in pray this week as they ministry in New York.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you from the Lains

BIG news from Leah!

I've made a big decision in the past week. I've decided to stay in South Africa. I will be coming home for about 5 weeks between May and June, but will be moving my whole life over here indefinitely. I can't believe it, but I'm so excited! Everything has been falling into place so well, it's definitely God's hand over everything.

-Leah Rush

Thank you from A&M

I just wanted to let you know that we received the care package from you all in Redding this last week. We are so so appreciative of it. The arrival was very timely as both M and I have been super busy and emotionally worn down. It was such a joy to open the letters from friends back home. And of course, we loved all the stuff that we can't get here!

Thank you so much for everything. We appreciate the love and support from the Stirring. We definitely feel the support we are given by everyone there. Thank you for thinking of us.

Many blessings,
A & M