Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Lains - Mongolia

Thank you all for coming to hear from the Lains today! If you would like to join the Lain's support team please contact them!

Larry and Krista Lain
CAMA Services International
PO Box 945
Darhan, Mongolia
Uul Aimag 45000
New Address to come as they move to west Mongolia in June

Military:  USAF
         Larry, Water Specialist 1996-2002
         Krista, Engineer Assistant 1997-2002
         Assignments to Japan, Korea, Saudi
         Alaska, Wyoming
Simpson Grads...Larry: BA, CM Leadership '05, Krista: BA, Psych. '04, National Univ. MA, Counseling Psych. '05
The Stirring, Outreach, 2003-2005
PointMan Veteran's Ministries (Homeless and low-income Vets)  2003-2005
Baton Rouge Ministry Center, Community Development/Relief Workers after Hurricane Katrina 2005-2007
Short term Trips: Mexico 2001, Indonesia 2005
2008- Present: CAMA Community Development Workers in Mongolia

Larry 2-8-78
Krista 3-24-79
Averiana 12-29-00
Eli 3-22-04

Wedding 9-18-99
Eli's Gotcha Day
(Adoption) 6-30-07

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