Sunday, December 19, 2010

Barbers in Thailand

Our first two weeks in Thailand have been great. We spent the first couple pf days in Bangkok in an orientation into Thai culture. We learned about Buddhism and also how to find food. We went on a temple tour to get an even better idea of the influence of Buddhism in Thailand. While on the bus on our way back to YWAM Bangkok, from the Temple tour, the bus was beeping. We did not think anything of it, then the bus stopped and the driver ran past us and out the door and down into the Jungle. We were really confused, and then about two minutes later he returned with bottles full of river water that he then dumped on the overheating engine of the bus. That was when we realized that we were not in America anymore. We had to stop several more times for water for the bus but these times not were quite as funny. We did make it back alive and with a great story so we are grateful for that. We then got on another bus this time for 12 hours and traveled to Chiang Rai thailand. Chiang Rai is 40 minutes from the border of Burma. We are just down the street from Mae Fa Luang university and are spending most of our time working with a local university student ministry. We went camping in the Jungle and also put on a Christmas party for the university students. A young lady here gave her life to Christ at the Christmas party which completely made the whole trip. Yesterday we worked at Home of the Open Heart. This is an orphanage for children affected by AIDS. These kids were amazing and they loved to play. We played soccer and tag with them for 2 hours. We are having a great time here in Thailand and are making an impact for Christ. Please continue to pray for us that we will be bold, and for the health of our family and team.

P.S Lily is a hit. She has a ministry of her own here.

Much love,
The Barbers